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Prospect Management

General data of your prospects from the online application form and followed along the conversion funnel.

Detailed information on the current state of the prospect

Personal info

Presented program

% of Application form complete / Application form received

Actual status

Origin of prospect

task to do

Follow prospects at each stage in a semi-automatic environment

Jury selection

Create juries and see which candidates participated

The jury will select the most appropriate program from the programs chosen by the prospect.

In one click, accept or refuse the prospect's application form.

If you wish, an automatic e-mail can be sent to the newly accepted candidate with, attached to it, online “Multiple Choice Survey” to be completed before the interview and / or all documents based on the validated program.


Create and schedule interviews and manage the last stage of the funnel

With a single click, you decide whether the prospect is eligible or not.

An automatic e-mail can be sent to the newly accepted candidate with the details and any documents necessary to finalize the process (payment of the deposit, official registration document, etc.).

Admission Test

We will create your MCQ database to be automatically sent by email to prospects who have validated the jury stage.

Set up one or more multiple choice questions per program

English test, general knowledge test, or any other test you want your candidates to take before interview. Automatic process with time limit for each multiple choice survey…

Eligible students

List of all applicants awaiting confirmation of admission

Manage the status change here with a simple click.

Students Admitted

List of all candidates who have completed the entire process

Allow you to track payments and automate statistical and financial reports

To do

Plan your tasks and get reminders about them

See the tasks to be carried out today, those late and the future.

Task creation tool integrate

The "note" function

Add notes to the prospect sheet in order to follow up correctly and do not forget any important information.

Landing page data collection

Automatic landing page creation system with QR code to communicate to your trade show / events or prospects so that they can directly enter an online tracking action.

By simply adding this URL or QR code, also track prospects who come from any other offline media.


Automatic reports by day, week, month and re-entry

Detailed statistics based on recruitment stages:

by program

by jury

by interview

by media channel

Tracking your campaigns / Mesurer votre ROI

Save your time and money with automatic reports!

Tracking of your Offline (trade fairs / events / Press) and Online campaigns

Thanks to the integrated tracking and management system for advertising budgets, Edu ’CRM is able to generate automatic reports on the performance of each media and calculate your ROI by channel !

Save time, save money